Command & Conquer Plus Theme

Ist das lange her, und sowas hat man echt aufgehoben: Ein C&C Theme für Windows Plus, war das nicht von Windows 95 ein Themenset? Egal .. hier ist noch das unveränderte Archiv, das auch nette Sounds aus dem Spiel beinhaltet – heute vielleicht eher etwas für das Handy :-)

Hier die Originalbeschreibung vom 11.02.1996:
OK, I finally got tired of waiting for someone to make a C&C theme pack for PLUS!..So I decided to give it a try..I thought it can’t be that hard, Boy was I wrong….
Anyway, This theme pack includes 1 Background screen at 800×600 res it is a Jpeg to cut down on size. If you want a different background then go to Westwood’s site and get them, I just wanted to make this really small..

NOTE: This is a High Color Theme you must run it at High Color or the icons won’t look right.

What’s included: There are Icon’s included in here if you don’t like the one’s selected then change them…I included extras for this purpose, Also there is only 1 cursor mainly because I didn’t have time to draw anymore… and last but not least there are sounds…and lots of them and lots of extras too…(sorry no animated cursors could not find a good way to make them, If someone can please add to this theme because i could not do it)

Make sure you unzip this to your Root directory of your hard drive it will automatically put it in the right directory..(a.k.a your c:\)
Anyone that wants to add to this theme please feel free to but just give me credit somewhere….I would really like to see someone make some good animated cursors and some regular cursors other than that this theme is pretty solid..

Almost forgot there is an Startup screen included in this pack… Here’s how to install it in your Hard drives root directory there is a file called Logo.sys this is the win95 startup screen… just rename it to something like Logo.old…Then take the image from the theme pack and rename it to Logo.sys and there you go…. Anyway have fun with it and I will try to make some more theme’s in the near future…..

Rob, Hey man thanks for alot of the ideas and the good startup screen……
Westwood, For making one of the best games ever….
Dale’s Theme page….For getting me going in the right
direction (
Download des Command and Conquer Themes:


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